Frequently Asked Questions


Q) How to use the database?
A) The database is in PGN-format. That is a standard chess database format and can be accessed by commercial chess database programs (like ChessBase, Chess Assistant), commercial chess playing software (Fritz, Rybka, Shredder, etc.) and many freeware programs (e.g. PGN-readers).
In order to assist endgame study composers and judges, a magnificent tool was especially developed for the endgame study database by Lewis Stiller and Gady Costeff for finding complex patterns and manoeuvres: Chess Query Language (CQL). CQL as well as a graphical interface (programmed by Emil Vlasák) are freely downloadable. See this page for more information.

Q) What happens if a problem occurs during downloading (e.g. loss of internet connection)?
A) In most cases, the loss of a connection should be detected by our software and you can re-try your download code. If this doesn't work, please e-mail to this e-mail address to resolve the issue.

Q) Only very recently I bought HHdbIII. Can I get an update/only the new studies?
A) No, that is not possible. Not only many new studies were added in HHdbIV, but also the solutions of thousands of studies were corrected. Only the full HHdbIV database can be ordered. However, there may be a discount for recent buyers of HHdbIII. Please enquire by sending an e-mail to this e-mail address.

Q) What is that code in the "Black" field?
A) That is the Guy-Blandford-Roycroft (GBR)-code. It is useful for querying the database for material in the initial position. For more information, see wikipedia and also the PDF-leaflet on this website.